The set of a photo shoot might not seem like an obvious place for an artist and designer to apply his talent. And yet, this is precisely where Jay Hodgins' special set of skills come together. He has worked with acclaimed photographers to style sets for discerning clients such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Jay combines the designer's ability to understand how to perfectly compose a room (or even a table top) with the painter's talent to imagine how that three-dimensional space will look on a two-dimensional page.

It is a rare combination, that produces original results.

"At the Four Seasons, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a consistent brand experience to our customers - whether in-person or online. That's why we use the best photographers to create our printed materials and web images. It's also why we've called on Jay Hodgins to art direct many of our photo shoots. His sophisticated eye and understanding of our brand helps ensure that when we peer through the lens, what we see is an authentic expression of the Four Seasons experience."

John Hamilton, Director, Marketing Communications,
Europe-Middle East-Africa-Asia-Pacific
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts


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